Domain News

20th November 2013

Nominet to offer shorter .uk domain names from 2014!

In an announcement today, Nominet, the body that controls the UK internet domain namespace, finally gave the go-ahead for shorter second level .uk domain names.

That means that from mid 2014 you will be able to buy shorter UK names such as rather than having to buy the longer or

Nominet have also decided to give preference to existing registrants of names to buy the new suffix, so if you have already bought you will automatically be offered

In a victory for opponents of the initial proposals, Nominet have conceded that more time needs to be allowed to exising and domain name holders to decide whether they want to transfer to the new shorter suffix, and a period of five years to make the changeover has been agreed upon.

Where there are registrants for and, preference will be given to the holder.

Nominet have also declared that the price of new .uk suffix names will be sold at the same price as existing and names.

In our opinion these proposals are great news for .uk domain name space!

Existing .uk name owners and prospctive buyers of .uk names can now go ahead with their plans to update their existing services and offer new services based on these solid foundations, and have plenty of time to do so too.

Now that the .uk suffix is even shorter than the .com suffix there is never been a better time to invest in a .uk domain name!


Q: Why is this so important?

A: This is the biggest shakeup in the .uk namespace since names uk were first issued. In order to compete with the .com suffix, uk nameholders have two distinct advantages;

* The new .uk suffix is shorter than .com suffix¬† making it easier to remember and quicker to type in. That’s especially important for mobile internet devices with touch screen keyboards.

* The new  .uk suffix will make it easier for surfers to identify a website as having a UK presence and hence more likely to be easily contactable. It is increasingly important for many UK businesses to promote their locality for the purposes of trust and economy to their clients.

Q: When can I transfer my name to a .uk name?

A: Nominet have given a provisional timescale of the middle of 2014. We will update this page when more information is available.

Q: If I buy a domain name from you, will I be able to get the short .uk version too at a later date?

A: Yes!

Q: Do I have to buy the new shorter suffix? Can’t I just stay with

A: You can stay with the longer name, but the shorter suffix will be eventually offered on the open market if you don’t take it.

Q: I want the .uk name, but only have the suffix, not the

A: You need to try to acquire the suffix as soon as possible if it has already been sold and isn’t being used.

Q: Will nominet take my name away if I upgrade?

A: No, but you will need to pay for both versions if you keep both.

Q: Where can I find out more?

A: There is a Nominet article about the new scheme here