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Guinea pigs are surely Britain’s most cute and cuddly pets!

If you love guinea pigs, why not own the UK domain name for them and have a website dedicated to these lovely little creatures?

Guinea pigs have been one of Britain’s most favourite pets since the 16th Century ! Little wonder too, they are easy to handle, undemanding and often quite affectionate.

If you love guinea pigs, why not own the domain name and set up a website dedicated to them, or even just your own guinea pig?

How many people would want to see your guinea pig on a 27×7 webcam? How many children worldwide would want to read stories about the adventures of your guinea pig? This is a small persons entrepreneurial dream!

This domain name might also be of interest to guinea pig retailers, breeders, vets, or even pet shops!

If you are interested in the domain name please feel free contact us to discuss it.

This domain name can also be sold as part of a package of animal related names including




Image courtesy of Randi Deuro