Full Description

The Nags Head – one of the most popular pub names in Britain, and still available to own as an internet domain name!

If you have a pub called The Nags Head in Britain, or you manage one, then you need this domain name to boost your website visibility.

You may not need it to attract drinkers to your bar, but what about your restaurant? What about your accommodation? If internet surfers cannot find your pub easily on the internet or cannot guess your domain name quickly, you might lose a booking, or even several bookings a year.

Give yourself a break and own the only domain name your pub will ever need:, before your competitors do!

Once you own the domain name you can also set up email addresses such as manager@ for example.

If you feel you don’t need this name, think again and speak to your intenet specialist about the benefits that a generic domain name can bring.

This domain name can also be sold as part of a package of pub related names that include:




 Image courtesy of Ewan Munro Ewan-M